Welcome to Pumpkin Patch


Establised in 2006, Pumpkin Patch is an Innovative and unique Preschool with Daycare facility.
The School Offers readiness programs for children 2 to 6 years.


About Us

Early childhood education or pre-schooling has emerged as a specialized area for imparting quality education. No more tutoring, but learning in unconventional yet interesting way! Pumpkin Patch believes in encouraging inquisitiveness in children and guides them to seek information and acquire knowledge.

At Pumpkin Patch, pre-schoolers are looked after by trained and dedicated teachers and care givers. While care for children has been the primary concern of the school, Pumpkin Patch gives due importance to inculcating good habits and behaviour in these young children. These are tough and demanding tasks which are efficiently executed with ample love, care and affection in a happy, healthy and safe environment.

This unique preparatory school with after school care offers readiness programs for children in the age group of 1.5 to 6 years, making child’s transition from home to school enjoyable and exciting.

A safe and child friendly environment ,well trained and dedicated teachers, age appropriate curriculum, a unique teaching methodology, emphasis on events and celebrations as co curricular activities and above all our passion and commitment towards the purpose has brought us thus far.

Looking forward we wish to build upon our strengths, raise our own bar and excel in the field of early years of child care and education.

We believe Pumpkin Patch children will be world class citizens of tomorrow.